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Laravel is the most popular framework for web application development and even APIs for mobile apps. Laravel is a PHP framework built on a component-based system and composer-driven approach. Programmers love working in Laravel because of its structure and standardization, whereas clients love it for its speed & scalability. Laravel is highly recommended for any kind of business application from eCommerce to CRM software, from CMS to SaaS-based apps.

Laravel is ideal for both small and larger businesses. You’ll be able to develop significant custom web applications as per your needs and can take advantage of Laravel Development Services
Krimanj Technology Services is a Laravel development company that has gained its expertise in Laravel, the most loved PHP-based framework available in the industry today. Our professional and highly imaginative Laravel development services will guarantee that your project is delivered to match your expectations. Being one of the top-notch Laravel development company India, we can help you to create simple apps to complex CMS for eCommerce websites at a quick turnaround time, and that too within the budget and on-time delivery.

Over the years after developing more than 100 projects, KTS has earned the reputation of one of the best top Laravel development companies in India.

  • Strong expertise in Laravel: We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable developers who are well-versed in the Laravel framework and can provide high-quality solutions.
  • High-quality code: We follow best practices and standards in development, resulting in clean, maintainable and scalable code
  • Strong project management: We have a well-defined project management process that ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget
  • Strong customer service: KTS values customer service and communication, which helps ensure that clients are satisfied with the final product and can easily get help and support when needed.
  • Strong Post-launch support: We not only launches the app but also provides regular updates and bug fixes to ensure that the app remains reliable and performant over time.
  • Strong Security: Our team have a good understanding of security and can implement security features to protect user data.
  • Strong expertise in other technologies: Our team have a expertise in other technologies, such as front-end frameworks, databases, and cloud services, which can help create a complete solution for the client.
  • Strong portfolio: KTS has a strong portfolio of past projects that showcase its abilities and experience in laravel development
  • Cost-effective: KTS  offers laravel development services at a cost-effective price
  • Strong team: We have a strong team of developers with different skill sets that can work together to deliver a high-quality solution.

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What Makes Laravel development so


Here are a few of the unique features Laravel offers

    • High performance: Laravel is designed to be fast and efficient, which means that web applications developed with Laravel can run smoothly and quickly.
    • Easy to learn and use: Laravel has a simple and elegant syntax, which makes it easy for developers to learn and use.
    • Good documentation and resources: Laravel has a wide range of documentation and resources, which makes it easy for developers to understand and use the framework.
    • Large and active community: Laravel has a large and active community, which means that developers can easily find help and resources when needed.
    • MVC architecture: Laravel follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which helps in keeping the business logic and presentation separate, resulting in clean and maintainable code.
    • Advanced security features: Laravel provides advanced security features such as password hashing, encryption and protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks, which can help protect user data.
    • Eloquent ORM: Laravel’s Eloquent ORM makes it easy for developers to interact with databases, allowing them to write database queries with an easy-to-read syntax.
    • Artisan command-line interface: Laravel’s command-line interface, Artisan, provides a set of helpful commands that can speed up the development process.
    • Built-in task scheduler: Laravel’s built-in task scheduler allows developers to schedule repetitive tasks, such as sending emails, which can save time and resources.
    • Flexible and scalable: Laravel is a flexible and scalable framework that can be used to develop a wide range of web applications, from small personal blogs to large enterprise applications.

Why innovate your business with KTS

Highest Quality software Development

We pick best of the brains from the market to take care of your project. Educational background, experience, logical ability, capability to handle pressure at the time of critical deliveries are few of the qualities we ensure at the time of joining of our team members. you can count on the fact that our team follows meticulous development standards and delivers software products held to the highest level of professional quality.

Performance Optimization

web Applications need a careful management for handling load time, code cleanliness, optimized database structure, and seamless user experience. Our extra ordinary team ensures that web development service you get serves the purpose you expect.

Web Application Security

Web applications hosted on cloud comes with the risk of security. That why we don’t believe in getting cheaper web infrastructure or coding environment that have loop holes. Our software development service team uses technologies which are developed keeping the core focus of security and scalability.

Exercise Agility

We understand that our customers need faster development with fewer headaches. We follow the agile development process. Continual planning, learning, improvement, team collaboration, evolutionary development, and early delivery are agility concepts we follow to build a super class product for you.


Our deployment team deploys every project on locally-hosted servers to check its stability and usability in various platforms. Any bugs are fixed as per the requirements of the clients.


Even when the project is delivered, we offer regular maintenance support to the client’s applications. It ensures the applications always remain updated as per evolving needs.

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Krimanj Technology Services offers a strong team of Laravel developers who are skilled and experienced in developing across all scale & type of projects. With a deep understanding of the web application development processes, our web application developers offer robust and comprehensive web applications that are efficient enough to meet your goals.

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Why should you hire us?

KTS is 15-year experienced Software Development Company that works for its customers to develop advanced, future centric, result driven software products, which directly helps them to improve their processes and business revenues.

Why choose us

  • 1. Expertise in understanding customer’s requirements & purpose
  • 2. 15 Year’s of experience in delivering small to complex web & mobile applications
  • 3. Delivery focused
  • 4.No cost escalation – Remain Sticked to budget-
  • 5.High Quality Standard Code
  • 6.Established process – Reduced development time

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