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Web Development: Building a project or success?

The client envisions a project with a purpose and a well-defined goal. A web development company is expected to meet goals and deliver the project. Looks very simple but it’s not always the case.

Like every goal & relationship, a web/mobile or software development project also goes through many challenges, strategic changes, and understanding of the client & company with each other. While some projects go smoothly and help the client to achieve his goals, others fail because of many different reasons.
The success of your project is usually based on superbly built planning and communication. To make a project successful, both parties (client & development team) are expected to have a certain understanding of their role & responsibilities before starting the project. Here is a checklist, clients should cross-check before they end up in an agreement & start working on a project and thus see it transforming to success.
Client’s checklist
1. Validating the idea of the project at his end and being sure to go forward with it wholeheartedly without having any doubt.

2. Getting developed a website or app is not the last milestone between you and success. On the contrary, it’s the first step towards your success journey. So set your expectation right.

3. Your project is a tool just to help you to achieve your well-defined goals. Again, set your expectations right.

4. Define the exact functionalities expected for all the users and user levels. Get an information flowchart ready with you (maybe with the help of a tech company.)

5. Be known that market response and need might be different from your thoughts and what you built might need to be changed or tweaked after the project goes live.

6. You should have the budget available for completing the project & also the budget for maintenance, and changes after the project goes live.

7. You as a client should expect the project exactly to meet the requirements you gave to the company before starting the project. Be known of the fact that developers build projects on the requirements given by you only and if the requirement changes, it needs extra effort to make changes needed and thus extra budget. The best way is to make SRS (System requirement Study) as precise as possible. Still, you should know that the project/product evolves over time and you cannot get included everything at the beginning itself.

8. Get a comparative analysis of different tech stacks available for building the project. Not all technologies suit a project. An experienced person from the tech company can advise you to select the best platform to build your application.

9. Constant monitoring & feedback is as essential as well-done planning. Regular meetings with your team are the vital element that helps to meet success. Please ensure that you don’t rely on any person for your project’s success. It is your project and at the end of the day, you want it to see happening. Your team is your helping hand and not seating in the driving seat. It’s you who have to be the driving force.

10. Projects are generally for months. So, keep focus when there are distractions or priority shifts.

11. Wrap up the project: Launching of the project is as important as kicking off. Many times, because of many assumptions or fears, clients keep delaying the launch and thus project dies its unnatural death. Launching the project requires the same courage and decision power as required at the time of starting the project. Launching brings advantages and not just building the project.

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