You have a website, now probably almost for more than a decade, but still struggling to drive traffic or generating leads. Well! This is happening to many of us. We all start a web design project working day and night to make it a masterpiece , launch it with a huge expectation, and after some time see it not working in our favor. Then you make opinion of not taking digital marketing seriously and specially taking website as a mere online presence, nothing more than that. Why is this happening when we hear so much about this humble, low cost marketing tool which promises a huge potential at the level of conception?

No one does anything without a reason or interest. The key to success of a website is providing many reasons for customers to visit your website. At least every second day the visitor should have a reason to go to your website which eventually will instill trust for you in them.

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Here are a few reasons you should opt for an Indian IT company for your next online concept.
  • Offer functionality through your website
    Like you and me, everyone is looking for solutions to their everyday business problems, may be small. Problems/needs are eternal, at least till business exists. If you create a handy tool which provides some kind of information, calculations or anything which helps your prospective buyer in decision making, he is going to love it. This tool is one of the reasons he/she would love to visit your website again and again. This can be anything like industry news, some calculations for which he needs tool every now and then.
  • Don’t forget your existing customers.
    The easy flow of orders is through your existing customers since they already know you. Giving them exclusive online service through your website is the best way to keep your customers intact with you. This may be, after sale service or expert advice, status update, inventory update.
  • Offer free
    Who doesn’t like free? Offering free samples/reports/information is the best way to establish a relationship with new customers. Building relationships is key to expanding business. Even if not all visitors who received free stuff from you do not place orders, you are successful in establishing a relation with them, which can be transformed into business, now or in the future , directly or indirectly(may be in terms of references)

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  • Videos
    Video content is another gift that technology has offered us to present our knowledge, services and products to our prospective buyers. This is very powerful tool to create advanced visual impact. Develop a series of videos that not only shows your expertise, but also explains the importance of your products for them. Constantly creating useful videos will establish your authority as subject expert and will lead to get a visitor being transformed to a customer.
  • Blogging
    Blogging is one of the primary, key driver of traffic to the website. Creating a blog page on your website is must to bring traffic to your website. This is the area which you can use to show your expertise, highlighting your customers need for your products. More you start interacting with your customer through blog more your blog content gets refined.
  • Past experience
    Placing your success track record before your customers is vital for trust creation. This not only shows your capabilities but your trustworthiness also.
  • Easy contact options
    Your website should have easily visible contact information about your business on all pages of website so that the moment a visitor decides to contact you, info comes handy.

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